Spine Neuro Specialist Centre

at Gleneagles Medical Centre

The Spine Neuro Specialist Centre provides a full evaluation of your pain, limb weakness/numbness and will recommend relevant investigations and scans to determine the cause of your symptoms. Evidence based treatment will be recommended, including: medication, rehabilitation therapy and surgery if necessary. 


Dr Rajendra Tiruchelvarayan is a Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon at Spine Neuro Specialist Medical Centre, based in Gleneagles Medical Centre. He treats many Neuro, Brain and Spine Conditions. His two areas of sub-speciality include: spine surgery and children’s neurosurgery. After completing his basic neurosurgery training in Singapore, he was awarded a Ministry of Health Fellowship(HMDP) to the UK from 2005-2006. He continued his further speciality training in London UK, at St George’s Hospital(Atkinson Morley Wing) in 2005. In St George’s Hospital... Read More


  • Spine Injections, steroids, nerve blocks and radiofrequency treatment for back pain

  • Cervical fusion and disc replacement

  • Minimally invasive spine surgery

  • Lumbar fusion for back pain

  • Hydrocephalus surgery for children and adults

  • Spina bifida and Lipoma surgery

  • Stroke treatment

  • Brain tumor management