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Back Pain, Sciatica, and Slipped Discs

Back pain is a common problem, with as many as 80% of adults having it at some point in their lives. When this pain shoots down to your legs, this is called sciatica pain. Some of the common causes include a slipped disc, which can pinch the spinal nerve. Other causes include lumbar degeneration(spondylosis). If the pain is not improving, it is recommended that you should see a doctor. The doctor will do a physical examination, and suggest additional tests, and X-rays if needed. Most people can recover with conservative treatment. This consists of medication and customised spine physiotherapy. Dr Raj advises that maintaining a healthy lifestyle and good posture at work can help as well. For some patients who have worsening pain, other forms of treatment such as spine injections can help relieve the pain. With this injection treatment, many patients experience pain relief. In the small group of patients in which other forms of treatment are not successful, surgery is sometimes needed. New Minimally Invasive Advances in surgical methods have improved the success.

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