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In 2024, a new treatment method for chronic back pain-using a new steerable injection catheter

Previously for lower back pain treatment, and spine adhesions, a standard straight needle catheter has been used. These sometimes cannot reach the level of spine disease.

Method of the Study

Single spine surgeon series. Duration was November 2022 to May 2024. Intervention was done in the operation room, under sedation. There were a total of 20 patients.

The steerable catheter system tip can rotate 90 degrees, and is controlled by a lever dial. This was compared to the previous non-steerable type of catheters, which were bent at the tip for navigation.

Intervention indications were lower back/radicular pain, lumbar spondylosis, and chronic adhesions. Epidural medications given were: Dexamethasone, Hylase, Marcaine and Normal Saline.


Ten(10) cases of steerable catheter procedures were performed, using Vera(Sewon-Meditech). These were compared to 10 non-steerable procedures.

In the Newer Steerable catheter group, the surgeon could advance the catheter to the pathological lumbar level and nerve roots in all cases.

In the Non-Steerable group, there were 3 cases(30%) of inability to reach the lumbar pathology level.

Good relief of pain was achieved in all cases.

No cases of neural damage occurred.


The New Steerable Caudal Epidural Catheters have improved ability to target and reach the pathological levels/nerve roots.

Research Study presented at MSS Spine Meeting, Penang 2024


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